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Best value new homes in London according to residents

Where are the best value new homes in London? Verified residents reveal the top 10 new developments that they say offer the best value in the city. These developments include rental and sales developments, and come in at a range of prices. So don’t assume these are all budget options! This list is all about homes that are considered good value for the price paid.

Good value homes

HomeViews reviews allow residents to rate their developments across five factors: location, design, management, facilities and value. The star ratings you see on the list below show the average overall ratings for each development. This takes into account all five ratings for that scheme.

However, the developments below are ranked according to value rating. Two of the developments are purpose-built rental schemes – 10 George Street and Charter Place – while Croydon’s Vertex building and Tary House in south London include both rental and sales properties.

So, let’s find out the top ten… residents consider these to be London’s best value new homes.

10 best value new London homes


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