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Digital marketing service package and reporting for local business

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For the price, you'll invest in digital marketing is essentials and start identifying and setting up a marketing plan.  After purchasing you'll receive:

1. Files and links for online presentation audit and generate a report. 

2. After you provided information on your business presence online you will receive SEO keywords research report, within 3 days ( usually the next working day).

3. Next working day after SEO keywords are confirmed you'll receive a 1-3 minutes video and business logo representing your business. 

4. The Second day of keywords confirmation you'll receive your business landing page integrated into our CRM with your Google My Business website integrated:

5. Next day after landing page design is approved, you'll receive a test/concept Website and digital marketing management offer that includes your chosen services you would consider would be beneficial for your business.

Summary. In 7 days after your info is provided you will receive: 

1. SEO keywords report, 2. Video representing business, 3. Logo, 4. Landing page, 5. My Google website, 6. Test/Concept Website, 7. Marketing plan-offer based on weekly reporting.

SERVICES NOT INCLUDED in the essential package and should be discussed after essential's delivered and approved:

1. Website

  • Create pages for organic visibility and PPC campaign landing pages
  • Embed maps
  • Add local schema
  • Include local area details/branch info and services/opening times/directions
  • Link Google Analytics with Google Ads
  • Add remarketing code to your site, build audiences, and apply it to your campaigns

2. Google My Business/Bing Places for Business

  • Claim and verify for each branch location
  • Make sure info is all up to date – review and update regularly
  • Respond to all reviews – good and bad
  • Link Google My Business with Google Ads
  • Apply location extensions to campaigns, using filters for granularity

3. Social media, CRM automation

  • Claim and verify main profiles integrate to CRM if required
  • Double-check your existing pages, often information can be misleading, negative or non-existing – claim ownership or create verified pages to promote user engagement such as check-ins/reviews/shares etc. and list what should be improved.

4. Local citations and reviews

  • Reviews are very visible in Google My Business; support and ask your existing customers/ users to make reviews and be proactive with any negative ones
  • Do you know where your other citations are? etc. – keep up to date and discuss what improvements should be made.

5. Display, SEO. CRM management and Social Advertising

  • Influence potential customers at every stage of the funnel, with Display to raise their awareness, Social to engage their interest, PPC to answer their queries
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of view-through conversions – Display ads may not get many clicks, but even one impression could mean the difference between a won or lost conversion
  • Keep your ad creative (imagery, videos) fresh, interesting and relevant
  • Link all your accounts together where possible to share data and learnings, please consider using our CRM automation tools and SEO development.

6. Tracking success and managing improvements 

  • Benchmark performance against visits to local store pages on your website
  • Use call tracking on localised ads
  • Check SERP visibility using tools like BrightLocal, etc.
  • Track voucher code redemptions instore
  • Use store visits etc to track in-store footfall
  • Link as many of your accounts together as possible to share data and insights


  • Details

    File Type: RAR

    File Size: 105MB

    Total Course Time: 205mins

    Seller: John Doe

  • Delivery

    After you complete the payment,the file will be delivered to your email.

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