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Free flights membership. How to become qualified member, claim for free flights monthly bonus

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How to become a qualified member?:

  1. You set up your onboarding group and invite your friends.

  2. Join project-based learning course:

  3. To be invited to development teams, please comment and ask questions.

  4. After 2 weeks trial period you'll be invited to invisible groups. Please consider long-term contract: flexible position with 2- 5 hours/week after 2 weeks we'll see what progress, requirements and would like to offer weekly admin/management fee £10-30

  5. Monthly bonus scheme:

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Join the forum to proceed with the onboarding: .

After you noticed: your questions and comments, you will be invited to development teams and internal training links.

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Good morning everybody,

I have just created a new video about "Free flights membership". Watch the video. You can provide valuable feedback.

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in Europe, we deal with RyanAir, Easyjet and other low-cost ...


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