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Get paid next weekend! and Get your monthly bonus approved quickly!

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Каждый, кто выполнит все задания марафона, получает бейдж.

О марафоне

The course is designed for Learn, Earn and Travel Community Members looking to work online and find like-minded friends, set up teams/projects, your own online business or would like to join existing project-product development teams. The course focused on co-workers, partners and mentors looking for long-term cooperation or short-term projects. New members and coworking team paid quickly, weekly via PayPal or your preferred platform as soon as your invoice is sent with company details: Q9 Trade Limited, UK MUST include! Invoice - Report requirements: 1. Last week's tasks are done + next week's tasks are planned. 2. Claim for weekly bonus and 10% monthly sales commissions + annual sales commissions and free flights bonus. 3. Please generate bonus metrics agreed upon in the invoice. (Milestone achieved, KPI completed, etc.) Please note: this course does not cover affiliate/referral programs. For additional bonuses please register on the referral/affiliates website and generate other commissions: Every step of this course has questions to identify your preferences and expectations. Please add your concerns to make clear how you'll be paid to avoid delays and disappointment. As soon as the course is completed, you'll receive an invitation to join development teams or answers to your questions.

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Saulius Onboarding.SMART. KPI  #TravelMemberships

Saulius Onboarding.SMART. KPI #TravelMemberships

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