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SEO 12 month OFF-Page strategy design + Planner

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A course designed for potential employees, development team: We’ve gone ahead and pre-populated the template with some example content to get you started. Step 1 Grab your keyword list and identify the most important keywords that you have; you likely clustered them together based on variations when your on-page SEO strategy was being executed. Then, assign these to your pillars. Add them to the spreadsheet and if you have time, it’s worth checking the keyword difficulty and monthly search volume using a tool such as Ahrefs or SEM Rush. Step 2 Write some blog titles for each of your pillar pages, and create the URL for each blog. Insert the new topics next to the relevant pillar so you know which content aligns with each cluster. Step 3 Use the “Schedule” tab to plan when you’ll have content written for each of the pillar pages and blogs. Be mindful not to go too hard too fast. We’ll dive deeper into content production in our “Execution Strategy” guide – coming soon. Step 4 Add in the months when you plan to build tier 1 and tier 2 links for each of your clusters. We suggest working on one cluster at a time and starting with some less-competitive keywords. This will help you get some wins on the board and improve the ROI of your overall SEO investment. Step 5 The “Link Funnels” tab helps you keep track of every link you’ve earned and ensure you’re pointing the right links to the right pages!

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SEO Management. Project based learning course on WorkTravel.Agency pages

SEO Management. Project based learning course on WorkTravel.Agency pages

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