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Get paid when you travel! What's a free travel membership? How your next trip costs can be covered 10- 100%?

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Looking for next holiday? Planning next flights? What if we'll pay your next trip costs? We offer to cover your next flights and accommodation costs up to 100%! Would you consider creating/generating the next holiday video 5-15 min and share with your friends, WorkTravel.Agency community, publish on Your social profiles, our YouTube Chanel? If answers YES, this project-based learning course for You! Before the start the course you have to check the information published, ask the questions to speed up Your approval quickly: Please do not start this course if you don't have an exact destination yet. We have to set up project partners min of 40 days before your trip planned. NOTE: You'll be asked questions on this course to set up partnerships and successfully cover costs up to 100%. General sponsor:, we'll ask you to promote our products and services on video we'll create together. What you'll get for free if your application is approved: 1. 10-100% costs covered: flights and accommodation costs. (depends on the agreed activities/ tasks and KPI performance, referral program, etc) 2. Free landing page on 3. Free website it will be approved as partner/mentor/employee: Your-Name/ 4. Free account on media editors: Wix media Pro & Canva Pro 5. Free CRM workflow automation: Wix Ascend account

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What's free travel membership? Project learning how your next trip costs will be paid by partners

What's free travel membership? Project learning how your next trip costs will be paid by partners

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