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Your web page SEO management onboarding course

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Step-by-step beginners course designed for coworkers to join development teams for long-term cooperation and to achieve qualified membership status quickly and get paid weekly. The course helps potential members onboard with SEO projects based on pages please choose your favourite page to complete this course with quick approval Our goal is to speed up identifying motivated members and your preferences/pages/services/products which you would like to develop. PLEASE DO NOT START THE COURSE WITHOUT YOU DECIDING WHICH PAGE YOU WOULD LIKE TO DEVELOP! (all course steps are based on your chosen page on this website!) Please double-check the pages: .... etc... Choose any step of this course at any time. 1 step. What Is Your Site For 2. How to Achieve Your Business Goals With Your Website 3. Know Your Competitors 4. Optimizing Your Site Structure 6. Why Page Structure Is So Important 7. Tracking Your Goals 9. Local SEO

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